@thehillandthehole on Instagram & Facebook A teaser for the supernatural independent feature film, The Hill and the Hole, adapted from a Fritz Leiber short story, retold by directors Chris Ernst & Bill Darmon. A weird tale from the southwest. Who would you sacrifice? Film Score: Drew O'Doherty Featuring: Liam Kelly, Kristen Brody, Brandt Adams, Adam Gorightly, Chris Dunlop, Matthew O'Donnell, Ricardo Burgos, Xochi, William McLane
Buy/Rent: http://3rdstblackout.com/watch @3rdStBlackout on Twitter Mailing List: http://eepurl.com/-vZfz https://www.facebook.com/3rdstblackout 3rd Street Blackout Synopsis Mina and Rudy are a happy, internet-savvy couple. But when Hurricane Sandy left large parts of New York City without power, they are forced to deal with the absence of technology, a flailing relationship, and the trappings of an analogue world.

Flytrap. A short set in the 1930s after a plague has ravaged the country.

"The Last Day of August," a feature film starring Sebastian Arcelus, Heather Lind, Michael Izquierdo, Vanessa Ray and Bill English. A paraplegic's friends pay an unannounced visit to challenge his secluded life.

"Mama Jane" Produced by SLMBR PRTY Directed by Lisa Maria Hall Written by Jenny Donheiser Starring Constance Shulman & Jenny Donheiser DP Allison Anderson Editor Kimmy Dubé

Trailer for the comedy/horror short PIG LADY written and directed by Thomas De Napoli & Steve Makowski.  Official Selection LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival.